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Restocking your Ceramic Business

Ceramic Studio in a Box can help you stock your Pottery Ceramic business. We are the only Ceramic Distributor in UK and Europe who manufacture our own colours. We have done this for 15 years and many of our Ceramic Gadgets are designed and made for Ceramic Studio in a Box. Made in the UK  helps save our Carbon Footprint as well as keeping our Under Glazes at the lowest cost per Pint in the  UK.

We manufacture and retail direct to Ceramic Cafes and Schools

  • 68 Under Glazes perfect for Studio and Schools and very economically  priced at £7.50 a pint
  • 28 Creative Colour Underglaze Colours with pure Pigment. Perfect for professional work and Hand and Foot Prints to name but a few.
  • Two Dipping Glazes and a Brush-on Glaze
  • 82 Acrylics
  • 12 Metallic Paints
  • 12 Silk Paints
  • 12 Fabric Paints
  • 12 Acrylic Inks
  • 55 “Sponge-it” shapes

We also sell many other items such as:

  • Tucker Cone Art Kilns. We are the only distributor in Europe
  • Slab Rollers and Slab Mats
  • Extruders
  • Full range of Kemper Tools and Products
  • Clay
  • Full range of Pottery equipment
  • Bisque
  • Wheels and Pug Mills
  • Large range of Brushes

Sister company ChromaColour International also has over 1000 Art and Animation Products for sale for more details go to www.chromacolour.co.uk

For more information email sales@ceramicstudioinabox.co.uk or call Rachel on 07970793727