Open your own Pottery café and be your own Boss “ITS SO EASY” Written by Rachel Byass published 26 January 2016 take a look pottery has been voten is in the top 14 businesses to start this year

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 Tailor-Made Training to open your own “Paint your own Pottery café” Ceramic Businesses

When you are looking into running your own business or want to open your own Ceramic Café it is quite a daunting, but yet exciting time. There are lots of questions you will have and these need answering before you even start to look into finding a shop. We are here to help you with those questions and answers so please give us a call. Ceramics and Pottery businesses have been around in UK for over 30 years. Rachel has had her own business in Ceramics for 29 years and has run both a Mobile Ceramic as well as a High Street Ceramic Cafe/Gift Shop along with a manufacturing unit to supply herself and other Studios with Bisque. Open Your Own Ceramic Café Ceramic Studio In A Box  can offer Kilns, Training and all materials needed as well as having two locations – Pontefract in West Yorkshire and Abingdon  Oxfordshire. Both have a classroom covering the whole of the UK. This makes our training quite unique and affordable. Rachel also runs Fired Art Designs which was established 30 years ago. She has 8 Ceramic Certifications and 4 Certifications in Decorative Art. Rachel teaches all aspects of pottery such as “Paint your own Pottery” techniques, Hand Building, Wheel Throwing, Decorative Art, Fine Art and Soap Making. The Fired Art Studio is open to the public by appointment only, so there is no one to bother you while you are training, but you are able to see a Ceramic Studio that has been running a long time, with all the Tools and Gadgets needed to make it successful. You can even help at a Ceramic Party!! When you have done your 2 days Training at either location, or on your own premises in the UK or overseas, all your questions will have been covered. We can advise about what sells best and what you need (and don’t need) and we can put together a Package to suit your needs and your budget. The Package also comes with the added bonus of 24/7 Support. This is unique to us, but you are not buying a Franchise.

Your Training is tailor-made to suit your Shop or Mobile

Business as shown below:

  • How to set up, load and fire a Kiln.
  • Kiln Maintenance.
  • Dip and Brush Glazing.
  • Go through all the different Planning Permissions you might need.
  • Help with your Business Plan.
  • Help with a website. We have a webmaster whose charges are extremely reasonable.
  • Speciality Glazes e.g. Crystal Glazes.
  • Hand and Foot Prints in Glaze with baby supplied if necessary!!
  • Clay Imprints.
  • Personalising Pottery. Several types of writing with different products.
  • Pottery Painting e.g. use of Stickers, Sponges, Banding Wheel and achieving solid colour.
  • How to Transfer Patterns.
  • Making and retailing/wholesaling finished ware.
  • Health and Safety.
  • Tube Lining.
  • Marketing.
  • Running Events.
  • Birthday Parties.
  • Knowing your costs.
  • T-Shirt Painting.
  • Hand Building in Clay
  • Wheel throwing
  • Clay extruder
  • Slab roller
  • “Trouble Shooting.” What can go wrong.
  • Brush Strokes.
  • Decorative Art.
  • Soap Making.
  • “Make and Take”.
  • Non-firing Products and how to use them.
  • Deco Patch.

We do as many of the above topics as time will allow in two days or you can choose to do more Training. For more details on course dates go to: Your Training will be planned ahead of time and everything is included – all materials, firings and paperwork. Lunch and a Certificate of Achievement included. Local hotel is available at £45 per night if required. Cost is £200 a day weekends and £150 Monday to Friday the first person on a One to One and + £75 per head for each person thereafter. Course runs from 10.00am until 6.00pm minimum. You will get through a lot more on a One to One than in a large group. And you pick the projects yourself. Training in Abingdon Oxfordshire is £200 a day +£75 per head for each and every person thereafter. Please note only weekdays available in Oxfordshire. 2016 courses  in Oxfordshire taking bookings now this is not a one to one course and is a new course for anything from a minimum of 4 to 15 person in the Abingdon classroom at Country love crafts where Rachel now has use of there beautiful classroom. the course has been put together for anyone wishing to set up there own ceramic café or Mobil business. 2016

Date Course Location Cost (£)
one to one training
 Any Saturday & Sunday Open your own ceramic café or mobile The Firs 17 Hill Lane Pontefract West Yorkshire WF8 4JA £400  (1 to 1)(additional person + £200)
Week days Open your own ceramic café or mobile The Firs 17 Hill Lane Pontefract West Yorkshire WF8 4JA £300 (1 to 1)(addition person +£150)
Monday & Tuesday By arrangement Open your own ceramic café or mobile Country Love Crafts 37d Innovation Drive Milton Park Abingdon Oxon OX14 4RT £600 (1 to )(additional person + £200)

Booking call Rachel on 07970793727 The course includes all materials and a manual with light lunch. 24/7 free support is also available with Rachel. full details of the course will be available shortly. We have everything in stock including Kilns and can have you up and running within weeks. We also have Leasing facilities available. Rachel has set up hundreds of Studios, Mobiles, Soft Play and Schools throughout the UK and Europe as well as Australia, USA and even Riyadh to name but a few. Testimonials To book your Training any day of the week ring Rachel anytime on 07970 793727 or email her on I’ve attended many of Rachel’s workshops over the last 7 years and love going to learn a new technique or different way of doing what we already do at the studio. This gives me new skills and keeps ideas in the studio fresh. Rachel gives step by step demos before you even start and talks through the technique so you have good understanding of what you are going to do. Her patience knows no limits and she always gives you personal attention in the workshop. There is no such thing as a daft question in Rachel’s classes you can ask for repeats or queries you may have and feel comfortable doing so. I just wish I had the time to go more often to Rachel’s workshops as I find Rachel totally inspiring. Yours Sincerely, Jane Fox Fired 4 U Limited