Welcome to Ceramic Studio in a Box. We are here to help you with every aspect of setting up, running and restocking your Ceramics business. Whether you run a Ceramics Café, Soft Play, Mobile, are a Home Based Business, or if you want to start up a Ceramics Business from scratch, we offer a complete One-Stop Service.

For the new business, our Ceramic Studio in a Box Packages include everything you will need to start up a small, medium or large Ceramics Business. The Packages include, among other items, the Kiln, Training, Bisque, Brushes, Ceramic Tools, Accessories, Glaze, Ceramic Under Glazes, Clay and many more items to get you on your way. This also come with 24/7 Support Free with every start up Package. This sevice is unique to Ceramic Studio in a Box. No other company offers this. You will find it invaluable in the early days, if only to know help is there.

Tucker Cone Art Kilns

We are the only distribute of Tucker Cone Art Kilns in the UK and Europe. Tucker Kilns are top quality and have a newly designed lid. It will open with just your little finger and will stay at whatever point you hold it open. This makes easy work of loading the Kiln and easy on your back.

Suitable for anyone who is disabled as some of the Kilns have been made so they can be filled while seated in a wheelchair. The new feature also gives the Kiln long life as it is hinged with two arms at either side of the lid and made with a solid Stainless Steel structure right the way round.


This Eco-friendly Kiln has a double wall saving up to 32% in electricity. All our Kilns fire as high as Cone 10 so can be used for Porcelain, Stoneware and Earthenware. They have a floor element making them ideal for Glass Firing as well.

The Kiln is built to a high standard to last years and be fired daily. For same week delivery and more information call Rachel on 07970 793727

Note that from our experience we have found it more helpful to make each and every person’s Package Tailor-made to your specified budget and needs, which is anything from £1,500 to £7,000. For more information on Packages ring Rachel on 07970793727 anytime.

If you run an existing business, for example a Soft Play Centre, and would like to increase your revenue and expand your customer base, then Ceramics offer an ideal option for you. We are on hand to discuss all your business needs. If you are already in the ceramics trade, then we can offer you the latest in Colours and Glazes, popular Bisque, top quality Brushes, Tools and Gadgets and the very best Training in the latest techniques.

Our highly skilled professional Ceramicist, Rachel Byass, offers Bespoke Ceramic Training Courses to get you started in your business, as well as on going Training in the latest techniques to develop your skills or train new staff. The Training can take place at your own location in UK or overseas or at Rachel Ceramic studio in Pontefract West Yorkshire or in Croydon surrey at our main warehouse offices and classroom area.

We are always available to discuss your particular requirements, so please contact us for more information. Rachel is always on hand to take your call on 07970793727.

Email: sales@ceramicstudioinabox.co.uk
Web: www.ceramicstudioinabox.co.uk
Rachel Byass: +44(0) 7970793727 for all information
Office: +44(0)20 8664 8000